In your journal, respond to the prompt:

Describe a time your perspective on a historical figure changed (i.e. Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, etc.) OR Describe a time you felt like YOUR story was left out of American history.

CW: Read "Kaepernik"

Respond to these questions in your journal:

1) Which additional athletes have protested the national anthem?
2) Who were the Colonial Marines?
3) Describe Francis Scott Key’s relationship to African-Americans.

Compare and Contrast
How do America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner express different visions of America?


Option 1: Compose a RAFT of your own choosing!

Option 2: Rewrite the lyrics to a verse of “America the Beautiful” or the “Star Spangled Banner” that you (or Kaepernik) would stand for!


In your journal, respond:

What do you THINK motivates someone to join ISIS? (or Islamic Terrorist Groups)

CW: Read "ISIS"


  1. What are the 9 main types of ISIS fighters?
  2. Choose 3 of those types and explain them further (i.e. what REALLY motivates them)
  3. What’s a strategy America is using to fight ISIS?
  4. How does ISIS use marketing to attract fighters?


R: A type of ISIS fighter OR an American Citizen

A: American Citizens OR an ISIS recruit.

F: Monologue/Slam Poem

T: Why I’m joining ISIS OR Why you shouldn't join ISIS


Writing Workshop. Choose one of your RAFT's to expand into a full poem.